Skye Sweetnam Shows Her Sweetnesses

skye sweetnam boobs

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

I took this pic of Skye Sweetnam’s tits and she gave me the finger and started freestylin, “fuck you nigga if you lookin at mah titties, fuck you nigga if you looking at my titteez, BOO YA!”  I never expected that, I cried then left, viewed her tit pics, jerked off and went to sleep.  

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  • bungweasel says:

    Fuckin’ Canadian whore needs her ass whipped with a coat hanger for disrespecting an American. Who the fuck does that dumb cunt think is buying her records! It sure as hell ain’t the Canadians or she would have kept her slutty ass at home.

  • Fred_Anderson says:

    It was a joke.

  • bungweasel says:

    Yeah, I know. But thanks for clarifying that, Sgt. Preston.