Jessica Alba Back When She Was Real Hot

Jessica alba ass in the air bent over in a white bikini

Rating: ★★★★½ 

I miss the old Jessica Alba.  She used to be so sexy and parade around in skimpy little bikinis. She’s about 28 yrs old now, so she is changing.   She is looking to adopt a child.  Maybe she hated being pregnant and doesn’t want to put her body through that shit again?  Or maybe she is a genuinely good person?  Doubt it!  I’ll go with the fact that she doesn’t want to go through losing all that baby weight again.   She didn’t say much about the adoption, and frankly I am shocked that she said anything about it at all.  Jessica said “If you have the love and the capacity to love children, you should just adopt. And I plan on doing it.”  Personally,  I don’t care if she is taking a page out of Adoptgelina Jolie book and talking about adopting some kid from who knows where.  I think adoption is great, but the way this ho operates, she is probably just saying that shit for attention.  She will probably never actually go through with it, and she is just talking out of her ass.     Aside from the adoption, I guess she Jessica has enough money that she doesn’t have to worry that her career is in the toilet.    Anyway, I hope she starts rocking those skimpy bikini’s and sticking her ass in the air again.   I’d rather write an article about her ass then the fact that she is adopting.    Check out some old throwback pic of Jessica Alba in a bikini, lingerie, and other revealing outfits after

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  • fap it says:

    I’d sniff her farts.

  • Christian Alexander Tietgen says:

    Having a child means you’re not sexy anymore?

  • anon says:

    No, she just got all… weird and bony looking.

  • dickspitz says:

    I still wanna lick her asshole and fuck her butt! My lust for Alba burns on!

  • dickspitz says:

    Right fucking now,Il wanna lick her asshole and fuck her butt! My lust for Alba burns on!

  • Joe says:

    She’s no ho. She’s one of the classiest actresses in Hollywood.