Miley Cyrus, What A Sweet Innocent Girl!

miley cyrus tits in a dress

Stank-O-Meter (8.75/10)

Miley Cyrus really needs to get herself together.  You know you are going down the toilet when you are being compared to Lindsay Lo-handjob. Now that everyone has settled over the huge Miley upskirt scandal, she kind of stopped whoring it up in concert.   I mean what happened to the sweet innocent Hannah Montana?

miley cyrus ass doggystyle

I’ll tell you what happened to her, she is in concert bent over doggystyle in tight slutty black leather.  Granted, Miley turns 18 in a couple months, and she definitely is trying to show her new found sexuality.  She has been taking slutty photos since she was about 14, so it really isn’t that big of a shock.  At least she has some clothes on here and possibly is wearing underwear.  Check out some more of Miley’s pictures in concert dancing like a slutty in revealing outfits

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  • Vadim says:

    I would stick it hard in the whore.

  • dickspitz says:

    I wanna sink the pink in Miley’s stink and bust my nut up her slutty butt.

  • jerome says:

    yo nigga same wit me son i luv white gurlz

  • dickspitz says:

    Trashy white girls (like Miley) luv it up the shithole, you can make them your bitch when you get em addicted to assfucking.

  • obiwansidsi says:

    1. Jerome is an ig’nant ass…

    2. Yes, I too want to fuck her. I want to do some “furniture breaking & shit” kind of fucking…


  • dickspitz says:

    Miley is a sweet, innocent girl! Look how she bobs her head up and down on that cock while taking another one up the pooper! Ain’t she cute!

  • Christian Alexander Tietgen says:

    Yes, I agree! Miley is a sweet and innocent girl!

  • FilmFan says:

    That’s a Grown Ass Woman. And a fucking machine, who would dive a muff just as quick as any swinging dick. One of the ALL time great Hollywood Beauties. I bet she could suck you dry in just a few minutes…then slurp it back up for an ass hump…I love Miley.

  • bungweasel says:

    She’s a fuckin’ hillbilly! Hell she’s probably doin’ her first cousin! But yeah, I’d throw some baby batter up her snake pit.

  • WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching
    for miley cyrus