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Name The Slut Butt Funny Ass Edition

Name the slut butt is called funny edition  for a reason.   This bitch and her ass are funny.   I bet I know who you are thinking it is, but it’s not Whitney Cummings.  It’s someone who you really wouldn’t consider sexy, but she does have a hot Jewish body.  Name it after

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It Looks Like Selena Gomez May Have Some Cellulite

(4.5/10) Selena Gomez shows her hot body and legs, but there is a blemish.  She is beginning to get cellulite at 18 YEARS OLD!!!! That is really terrible.  The topper of this disastrous news is that Bieber is actually sitting next to her.  I don’t think this can get any worse.  Check out Selena gomez […]

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Rihanna’s Concerts Are More Like A Parade Of Her Smoking Hot Ass

Rihanna has been really whoring it up in concert, but I really like it.  I have been putting up a post of her every week now, sometimes two!  Her body is so on point, hot and ready for Dick Thick to penetrate.  Rihanna’s concerts are looking like fun, I know this guy on the right […]

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There Aren’t Enough Shit Piles In The World To Rate Roseanne Barr’s Fat Ass Bikini Body`

Stank-O-Meter (10/10) Is that Snooki in 10 years, or just funny woman Roseanne Barr strutting her fat ass in an ugly swimsuit.  I feel bad for whoever had to get that close to her pussy to give her that hideous tattoo.  Seriously, she knows she’s gross, and that’s what makes it funny.  Ugly fat disgusting […]

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Snooki As The Pickle Princess Of Chunky Short Girls With Big Tits

Stank-O-Meter (6.5/10) Well sometimes you have to love Jersey Shore’s Nicole Snooki Polizzi….  Then there are times that she looks regoddamdickulous.  This is one of those times.  I think that Snooki can actually look cute sometimes and she can also looks like a retard others.  I will give her that she does have VERY NICE […]

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Sofia Vergara’s Big Boobs In FHM With Mucho Cleavage-o

Sofia Vergaga =Tatas mas grande.  Sofia has been blessing us on Modern Family with her smoking hot body.  I think that Modern Family will win for best comedy this year at the Emmy’s.  It really does have something for everyone.  It has nice tits and ass, a super cute sexy young looking girl, Sarah Hyland,  […]

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Meow! Catfight On Jerseylicious Briella VS. Trashy Tracy

A little bit of Bitch Please was going on in the last episode of Jerseylicious.   I would love to see a nice cat fight between Briella and Tracy on the season finale which is coming up on Sunday.   I was really excited when Tracy got fired.  The only thing bigger than that bitch”s […]

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Noureen DeWulf In A Funny Spoof Movie

All I can say about Noureen DeWulf is wow.  This girl is smoking hot.  She is all natural 24 year old hottie from NYC.  Noureen was in The Goods, Live Hard, Sell Hard.  I am sure that Jeremy Piven tried to bang her with his “Ari” charm.  He must have really been trying because the […]

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Jerseylicious Team Olivia!!! Thumbs Down to Chesty Cheetah!

Team Olivia is where it’s at for me.  I can’t lie, I don’t religiously watch the show, but I do like to check out the girls that are on it.  I pretend that I am watching it for content, but I really am just checking out everyone’s shit and waiting for a chick fight to […]

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Teri Hatcher’s Big Cleavage On Desperate Housewives

Teri Hatcher sexes it up on Desperate Housewives again.  She still looks really good for her age.  I remember watching her in Tango & Cash and thinking that she was really hot.  Then after that, I don’t remember most of anything else she did until Desperate Housewives.  DH is like a Sex And The City […]

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    Kim Kardashian's Big Tits On Display Without A Bra

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