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Selena Gomez Titty Bikini Da Gurls Dem SUGA!

Critdick’s back again, swervin, pervin on the big ass titties that Selena Gomez just grew into.  Her body is looking much better. I like her with the weight on her.  That body is curvy and fucking hot.  Check me out for the next week I will be posting Selena coming out of my ass and […]

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Selena Gomez Beefcake Pussy & Tit Bikini Pics

  Selena Gomez has gained some weight but it looks fucking great.  All the right places, look at this little bikini she probably had when she was 12, not her tits are busting out of it!!!!  

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Christina Aguilera’s Big Tits On Stage

Christina Aguilera has her big tits out in stage in this bitch.

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Aubrey O’Day’s Beefcake Vagina Before She Got Even Fatter

  Aubrey O’Day recently gained a lot of weight, and not just in her beefy vagina, but everywhere.  She totally let herself go, but here are some pics of her singing, which she sings terribly, but still her ass and crotch look nice and thick besides the point that her face looks like Bigfoot’s Dick. […]

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Nicole Richie’s Bikini Body Has Improved Over The Last Two Years

Nicole Richie’s body has really improved.  She looks good and is maintaining a healthy weight since last year.  Enjoy these pics from 2012 and 2013 and see if you can compare  them and figure out which Nicole looks better.  

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Is Christina Aguilera’s Ass Pregnant>>?????????????????????????????

  Stank-O-Meter (7.5/10) CHRISTINA-AGUILERA-FAT-ASS- that’s right I said it.  Skinny white boy on the block, cut off Oakland Athletic T shirt that make a bitch squirt and make my dick hurt from all the friction, it’s an addiction.  NAH MEEN>???? 

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Katy Perry Looks Like A Chubby Zombie

(5.5/10) Katy Perry looks like a zombie here.  Her tits look big, but so do her hips, face, lips and ass.  I am pretty sure this is old, but I just found these freaky pics so decided to put them up.  whatevs.

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Newly Fat Christina Aguilera Looks Like She Is Trying To Take A Shit On Stage

(7.5/10) Christina Aguilera has gained a lot of weight.  She looks constipated on stage and she also is making a Snooki Waaaaaah Face.  I smell shit, I seriously think her hershey squirts are spewing out of my screen.  WAAAAH I’M FAT- more Miss Piggy after

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Demi Lovato Gained Some Weight Back… IN HER BOOBS

Demi Lovato gained some weight back.  In her tits.. in her tongue.  Probably not in her ass because that shit is a donker.  And how appropriate that she is pic’d up here with Kim Kardashian, the ass queen of the century, I like Demi, I like her ass, I like her tits, and I like […]

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Christina Hendricks Is Going To Need To Hire Someone To Carry Around Her Tits

Christina Hendricks seriously may have the hugest cleavage in Hollywood.  Her tits are getting so big that they are actually going down into her lower body.  What I mean by that is, HER ASS & THIGHS ARE GETTING TOO FAT.  Seriously, if those tits are real, than it is only natural that she will get […]

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